How to Find the Perfect Cat Sitter In Your Area

Worried about leaving your cat with someone unfamiliar? Use this post to find and hire a qualified and trustworthy sitter in your area!

Finding the right cat sitter for your feline companion can be stressful and time-consuming. With this post, you will learn how to search for trustworthy cat sitters in your area, compare the different options available, and ensure that your cat is safe and comfortable while you are away.

Define Your Needs.

Before you start your search for a cat sitter, it’s important to first understand what services and amenities you require. Consider whether you need somebody to come to your house on a regular basis for daily check-ins, or if having an overnight stay pet sitter would be better for both you and your cat. Knowing the level of care required will help you narrow down your choices so that the search is less overwhelming.

Identify Available Options.

Once you’ve determined the type of care you need for your cat, it’s time to start looking for a qualified pet sitter in your area. Ask friends and family if they can recommend someone that has been reliable in the past. You can also check sites like or, both of which offer resources to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Don’t be afraid to contact multiple pet sitters and ask lots of questions, such as whether they have any certifications or references you can speak with directly.

Vet Potential Sitter Candidates.

Before making your final decision, ask each potential pet sitter if you may have a reference or two whom you can speak with directly. This will help ensure the safety of your cat and give you peace of mind knowing the person who is caring for them is capable and trustworthy. In addition, you may want to ask questions about rates, whether the sitter requires a contract or proof of insurance, what other pets they care for, how comfortable they are administering medications to cats or dealing with any medical conditions your cat may have, etc.

Ask Key Questions During the Interview Process.

When meeting with potential pet sitters, be sure to ask key questions that will help you understand the individual better. Questions can include asking about past experience with pets and whether they have any certifications or special training in handling cats. You may also want to ask what their philosophy is on caring for cats and how they view the role of a pet sitter. Additionally, it’s important to inquire about the availability of the individual and ensure that your cat’s needs will be met during the times you require care.

Review Background Checks and References.

Before hiring a pet sitter, it’s important to review any background checks and references that may be available. Background checks can provide insight into a sitter’s criminal history, which will help you feel more secure when choosing this individual to care for your cat. It’s also wise to contact their personal and professional references to ask questions about the sitter’s compatibility with the job. This can be especially useful if the potential pet sitter comes with strong credentials or specialisation in caring for cats.

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