Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Sitting

Everything you need to know about cat sitting

(but didn’t like to ask..)

These are just some of the questions I often get asked when I meet a new customer, I’ll add to them as I go along but these are the most frequent.

What is Cat Sitting?

Simply put, cat sitting is allowing a trusted person into your home to look after your cats whilst you’re away. It removes the hassle and stress of taking your cat to a cattery or kennels. Your cat gets to stay in their own home with all the familiar sights and sounds.

How much does it cost?

Cost can vary depending on where in the country you are. Here at Cat Sitting Wakefield I charge £12 per visit, per day. i am able to keep costs down as i focus on a small area of Wakefield which limits my outgoing expenses.

How often should a cat sitter visit?

This really depends on your cat. If they are indoor cats without access to a cat flap then I would recommend 2 visits a day (morning and teatime).

If they are a mix of indoor and outdoor or perhaps elderly and like human interaction then again I would say 2 visits per day.

But, if they’re mainly outdoors, used to coming and going as they please then one visit, either morning or teatime with plenty of food, water and biscuits to snack on in between.

Is my cat safe with a cat sitter?

Absolutely! Of course I would say that but you will find that most cat sitters either do this as a part time job and have a genuine love of cats. I think I fall in love with every cat I look after!

What happens on a visit?

Each visit lasts for up to 30 minutes depending on your cats needs. I’ll let myself in, fuss and feed your cat and wait patiently whilst they have their breakfast / tea. I’ll take the chance whilst they’re feeding to change any litter trays and tidy up any mess (how do they manage to get litter everywhere!). Once puss has eaten we’ll spend some time interacting, with toys, cuddles, belly scratches, ear rubs – whatever they need. I take each cat on their own merit; some love attention, some just like company for a while so maybe we’ll sit quietly and chat.

Once I’m happy that their needs have been met, I’ll leave them to snooze and look forward to the next visit.

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