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Cat Sitting Wakefield

For the love of cats

Hello there, my name is Cat, and I am your typical crazy cat lady! I’ve owned cats from childhood, and to say they are a passion of mine is an understatement.

I’ve owned show cats, rescued abandoned kittens, nursed elderly cats and started cat sitting when my husband wouldn’t allow me to have any more (well, he’s allergic to cats so that makes life interesting!) It means I get to meet all kinds of cats, and every single one is unique and delightful.

Cedar Window

Cedar (Oacaca Aztec Dezine)

My show cat, Cedar crossed over the rainbow bridge at the grand old age of 21 but he lived such a full and special life. I hadn’t intended to show him initially.

I was just looking for a cat, and when we visited the breeder’s house this little gorgeous bundle of fluff climbed onto my knee and my heart was stolen. I’ll tell you more about our show days in a longer blog post but it was Cedar that reignited my adoration for felines and I miss him every day.

Currently, I am owned by the handsome boys Jenson and Button (yes, I’m also a fan of F1!). Jenson was one of the scrapyard kitties (read the blog post here). Button came about from the website Preloved, and I always say he’s best £20 I ever spent. He’s funny, entertaining and makes me smile every day.

When I’m not cat sitting, I write crime fiction novels – you can read more about that over on www.catherineyaffe.co.uk




Hello there, I’m Danny, Cat’s son and I’m pleased to be joining her in the business that I know she is passionate about. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t own cats, or rabbits, hamsters, goldfish… needless to say I have a love of all animals and I am now a proud dad to Milo, a working cocker spaniel.

I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful furbies that my mum talks about constantly, and I hope it goes without saying that you can expect the same high standard of care that you’ve come to expect from Cat’s Cat Sitting.






So what can you expect?

You can read a more detailed version of what happens next here >> How it works

  • Daily visits lasting up to 30 minutes each
  • Feeding to your requirements (special diets / dietary needs inc.)
  • Changing litter trays
  • Playtime, cuddles & lots of attention!

We have plenty of regular customers who have used our services for years and you can view these here.

We are also fully insured for all pet sitting services (apart from dog walking) so if you have fish or small animals they are included in the daily rate of £15 per visit, per day.

We know from being a cat owners ourselves that taking your cat to a cattery and leaving them there can be stressful for both the cat and their owner so looking after cats in their own, familiar and comfortable surroundings is the ideal solution.

We also send daily pictures and updates to let you know that your cat is having a wonderful time!